Your “Mirroring the Mirrored” Thought Performance: “Follow how the principle of Reflection of the Reflected works in nature and in one’s thought process, which sometimes gives wishful thinking”

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The artwork is a part of the concept of the Thought-Provoking Pictorial Art series of works inspired by main ideas from performance art, conceptual art, and the philosophy of the thought experiment. It was raised as a result of numerous Author’s attempts to not only invite their audience inside the main concept of each created artwork but also encourage them to perform a special and unique role according to the created script shortly described in the title of each work. Although the Author uses the mirrors and their effects to invite the spectator to dive into that artwork’s inner world, the main idea of ​​the mirrors is to point to the metaphysics of the fourth dimension of our real world, where nests the information that causes the evolutionary transformations of the real world. This Author’s idea is very closely connected with Plato’s Theory of Forms.

According to the Author’s concept, the spectator’s thought performance is believed to be an ephemeral individual act of entanglement between that specific Author’s concept and the reasoning outcome of the visitors caught by this artwork.

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Additional information

Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 80 × 5 × 80 cm

Veaceslav Albu

Year of creation



Mixed media


acrylic mirror, canvas, luminescent paint, oil paint


Conceptual, Hyperrealism


Still Life


Signed on front and back