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Victor Cuzmenco

refers to his art as Ontologic Painting, which comprises the idea of fundamental philosophical questions studied by ontology. Through his art for the last thirty years, he has explored “being” rather than simply existing. Victor visualizes such broad categories as space, time, structure, movement, spiritual states, and interactions among them.

Ontologic Painting is characterized by three main principles. It depicts simple geometrical shapes like lines, squares, circles, irregular forms associated with essential and generalized categories. Victor abundantly uses such media as sand, earth, clay, grated shell limestone, wood calling them primary ontologic substances taken directly from nature. He also applies oil and acrylic paints with thick impasto to emphasize their viscosity, fluidity and texture creating the impression of 3D paintings on flat canvases. Victor applies mainly primary colors in vivid and contrast spots. The combinations of monochromatic tones and vibrant colors bring various associations, from confrontation to dialogue.

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    InArteVita is delighted to invite everyone to the Solo Exhibition of Victor Cuzmenco at the National Art Museum of Moldova from 22 October to 21 November 2021.

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