Your Astrophysicist Thought Performance: Dwell through our Universe’s Landscapes from the Big Bang till Nowadays

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In our everyday life, we get used to different kinds of landscapes from wild nature to landscapes corroded or enhanced by human activity. That makes it possible for one’s imagination to create their own picture of the surrounding world as a memorized chain of landscapes ever seen or imagined. In today’s reality, due to the indisputable successes of astronomical laboratories such as HUBBLE and others, the topics and pictures from astronomy goes into our everyday life. The painting represents the author’s attempt to deliver to a visitor’s imagination a possibility to perceive the objects of the Universe that constitute the parts of any Cosmological landscape. The richness of that kind of landscape can be amazing and only will enhance it due to progress of technological progress. Nevertheless, these parts should be regarded only in their evolution from the beginning of the Universe – from the Big Bang. The artwork represents the evolutionary organization as a Fibonacci spiral of Golden Ratio dimensioned canvases, each of them containing an object of the Universe for the specific period of its evolution. The use of a mirror of two colors for the specific period brings the visitors’ attention to the fractality of the Universe and its existence within a metaphysical extra-dimension. As our planetary landscapes are of large popularity among travelers, similarly the cosmological landscape will be popular for space travelers in the closest future.

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 136 × 5 × 86 cm

Veaceslav Albu

Year of creation



Mixed media


acrylic mirror, canvas, oil paint


Abstract, Abstract Expressionism, Conceptual, Symbolism




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