Your Philosopher Thought Performance I: Imagine the Link between biting the Apple by Eve, Adam, Isaac Newton, Alan Turing and Steve Jobs, and the universality of Plato’s Form of the Apple

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The famous Plato’s Theory of Forms for millennia inspires philosophers and scientists to new interpretations of it in their work. It is the first philosophical attempt to deliver a consistent and integral picture of how the Universe works based on the hypothesis of the necessity of an extra dimension to explain the real world. In Plato’s theory, the Forms live in that extra dimension and humans can get to them only by their power of reasoning and reflections. The author attempts to open to a visitor’s power of reasoning the Apple Form as an art object on a two-dimensional canvas. Nevertheless, the third and the fourth dimensions are explicitly shown due to the presence of the two colored mirrors on canvas where a three-dimensional visitor can find himself in the mirrored imaginary reality. The missing chunks from the central apple direct visitor’s attention to the role of the apple in human culture beginning with the Bible apple. The apple tree inside of the central apple points to the fractality of our reality, as human life is also a fractal-like entity. The material Universe pictured between the real apple form and its imaginary Form reveals the border between our 3D Universe and Plato’s extra-dimension. The apple’s seeds glued on each pictured galaxy tell us that the phenomenon of Life is not accidental only for our planet but is spread out through the Universe.

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 90 × 3 × 90 cm

Veaceslav Albu

Year of creation



Mixed media


acrylic mirror, canvas, Japanese quince seeds, oil paint


Abstract-Figurative, Conceptual, Symbolism




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