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Autumnala 2020 Art Exhibition

Autumnala 2020 Art Exhibition

Artist Victor Cuzmenco is telling InArteVita about his recent prizewinning artwork diptych Moon Tamed by Human at the opening ceremony of Autumnala 2020 Contemporary Art Show in Chisinau (Moldova).

The Group Show takes place at the Exhibition Centre Constantin Brancus in Chisinau from 26 November to 13 December 2020.

Victor Cuzmenco: “Some people say that everything is not as it actually is.

Well, I think baring that in mind I decided to create the Moon different from how Kuindzhi did … as a shining spot in the sky but the Moon touched by human on which a human stepped his foot.

Moreover which becomes the cause of discord among countries. Whom will it belong: be it United States, Russia or China – such debates are held at the governmental level. This is the first.

And secondly, this is a work of art therefore I tried to depict the Moon metaphorically, i.e. the Moon already tamed by human. And I show it using the image of ropes around the Moon. It is sort of tied already.

New ideas always demand new media. At the time, artists painted with tempera, then used oil paint, now it is acrylic. And I use natural media, primary natural materials – sand, ground, clay. But I also use some traditional painting principles like oil painting, but with thick impasto to make it appear not like a color but like a material. Why I consider that this material suits my idea is because when we look at the Moon I made, it is material. It consists of ground and silicon. That is what Armstrong at his time going down the stairs carefully stepped on the Moon because he was not sure whether it was solid or not. And now we know it so I consider these materials suitable in my interpretation of the Moon”.

Watch the promo video from the show here