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Art may level up the quality of life for those who create, buy and sell it. We just help all of them meet.

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A new online art marketplace. InArteVita offers carefully selected original art for sale by talented artists worldwide. Here everyone can find diverse, authentic artworks and limited edition prints signed by artists for all tastes and budgets

We believe that creativity generates creativity, so art is a plentiful source of inspiration for those who loves it. Art may transform everything and everybody around it – people, spaces, homes, and lifestyles. More than that, art may level up the quality of life for those who create, buy and sell it. We just need to help all them meet.

Therefore in InArteVita, we aim to provide a virtual meeting point for artists, collectors and art dealers, so all together they can build fruitful cooperation and expand their networks. So, we are more than a marketplace. We tell the stories of our dedicated community, help art lovers alike get to know each other, booster visibility and presence at the art market.

We are convinced that supporting art industry brings together various cultures, worldviews, and ideas. Art stimulates economies and shapes a sustainable future. Choose your role in it and join our mission!

You Are


Online art sales have fostered since last year providing a great opportunity for artists to make profit of what they love to do. Even though artists were unable to get offline exposure showcasing their art in virtual spaces became an alternative solution. Online art platforms and galleries provided efficient tools for artists so they could exhibit art for a worldwide audience and made art deals safer and more transparent. It seems that trend setting online art sales will transform into normal trade practice on the art market. So, why not to join in?

Create your artist account, tell your audience about yourself, share and sell your art.


Since all-round restrictions of live art trade events were introduced more collectors have turned their attention to viewing and buying art online. Major galleries, art fairs and auctions switched into virtual format through viewing rooms, video presentations, online shows, interviews and articles to keep the collectors informed and involved. The state-of-the-art software used by online platforms creates an incredible participation effect, so collectors are able to check the quality of art and enjoy even tiny details of artworks. Moreover, buying art online made price policy and payments far more transparent raising awareness among collectors. No wonder that they find buying art in several clicks more rapid, enjoyable and accessible. So, why not to collect?

Register and get access to special price offers. Browse our ARTWORKS. Find and buy your favorite pieces of art. Get to know artists, discover their artworks, personalities and creative practices in our BLOG.


Acting as intermediaries between artists and collectors and negotiating sales, dealers play a crucial role on art market. They are the connoisseurs of both art and business. Networking is one of the main skills and practices they use to promote sales. Extensive and reliable connections in the art world become their core instrument. As creative entrepreneurs dealers should develop innovative business skills on a highly competitive market. At InArteVita, we grant an opportunity of special types of deals.

Create a dealer account, get access to special offers, negotiate deals with prospective collectors and get up to 70% cash back from each sale.

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Easy, user friendly and transparent marketplace

Great quality authentic and accessible art

Multiple roles accounts

Special price offers for registered users

No extra or hidden fees

Secure online payments

Worldwide shipping

Inspiring news, interviews, and articles

Social media promotion

Extensive exposure

Generous deals

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