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“Primary Colors” 2020 Art Exhibition

InArteVita is delighted to announce that the artwork of our featured artist Victor Cuzmenco was awarded the Honorable Mention at 2nd Annual “Primary Colors” 2020 Art Exhibition organized by Light, Space & Time online gallery!

Alongside some fabulous artists, the prizewinning artwork titled Ontologic Tricolor is showcased as part of the online group exhibition here.

And included in slide show on You Tube

Ontologic Tricolor, 2018, 130×200 cm, media: earth, sand, clay, shell limestone, oil, acrylic, spray paint, bronze powder on canvas

The painting was inspired by well-known painting Three Flags (1958) by American pop artist Jasper Johns. The technique creates volumetric textured surface of natural media symbolizing the national land. The overall image uses geometrical forms, textured natural media and a real world objects to suggest the multiple interpretation in a blended abstract and representational artwork. Thus the painting generates viewer’s perception of common nature with the national flag.